What does a tiny town in provincial France have to do with sushi? Everything.

Chablis, a small village at the Northern end of the Burgundy region, is little more than a few quiet cobblestoned streets. It’s beautiful and forgettable. That is until you take a few turns off those streets, and find vineyards growing on what was once a prehistoric inland sea.

Chablis’ conditions – they’re everything. Its Kimmeridgian soil, unique. Chardonnay from Chablis isn’t quite like chardonnay from any other part of the world. We think this is a very good thing.

This intriguing mix of texture, of minerality, of tension – it’s impossible to replicate.

By any measure, it is the purest expression of chardonnay in the wine world. And it happens to pair famously with cut-to-order sashimi – another thing prized for its purity. In fact, with its lean, naturally subtle character, Chablis is a wonderful partner for seafood generally.

Kisumé celebrates this marriage with our elegant Chablis Bar, featuring an array of specially-curated wines from that little town in Burgundy. Ready to be enjoyed by the glass or bottle, we trust you’ll find it anything but forgettable.